Customs Brokerage

Providing confidence and security in the import or export nationalization processes.

Level 1 customs agency with coverage throughout the national customs territory with qualified personnel, which provides legal certainty, time optimization and cost reduction.


  • Technical support for customs management operations.
  • Nomenclature and analysis of legal requirements.
  • Analysis of regulatory issues.
  • Control and administration of Temporary Imports and Exports.
  • Control and follow-up of special declarations.
  • Legal support.
  • High commitment to quality management (measurement of indicators, customer satisfaction surveys).


  • Display of transaction support documents.
  • Photographic record.
  • Real-time visualization of operations.
  • Agile and efficient communication.
  • Status, progress, critical points of each operation.
  • Automation of processes according to the customer's needs.


Siaco Level 1 Customs Agency has its own offices and customs brokers nationwide in the main ports, airports and border crossings.

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PBX: 601 425 2600
National Dialing: 601 425 2600
International dialing: +57 601 425 2600

Find each team’s phone extension accordingly.

Ak 97 No. 24 c – 80
+57 311 538 4593
Commercial Manager: Carlos Gaitán

Cr 3ra Nº 2-13 Altos Davivienda
Phone:  (602) 2400269  –  (602) 2400270  Fax. 2415098
Branch Director: Ms. Jamileth Betancourt

Calle 64 Norte 05 B 26 OF 414 A. Centro empresa.
Phone. (602) 6800479 – (602) 6640970
Branch Manager: Mr. Omar Vanegas

Manga Callejón Porto Carrera 18 No 25-134
Phone. (605) 6606422 – (605) 6605038 Ext. 3020
Fax 6606333
Branch Manager: Mr. Jorge Hernandez

Centro comercial rumichaca Local 23
Pbx: (602) 7255665  – (602) 7255668
Sales Director Mr. Roberto Absalón Pinchao

The roundabout of the José Maria Córdoba airport, city center karga phase 1 Rio Negro Antioquia, office 311.
Pbx:(604) 4637332 Phone: 3115599449
Branch Director: Mr. Andres Felipe Quintero


We have high experience in providing efficient and reliable services. This guarantee is provided through different tools and certified processes such as:


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